How To Clean A Wooden FloorMany people struggle to clean their wooden and parquet floors effectively. Some people polish the floors with standard polish (which is very dangerous), some use water (which damages the top layer of the wood if done repeatedly) and some people just sweep up the dirt and don’t ever treat the wooden flooring with any kind of specialist product.

At A Cleaner Company we treat all wooden floors properly, with our range of specifically designed wood floor cleaning products.

We use specifically designed products to clean wooden floors, and we explain below how to clean wooden floors properly, and follow the following process:

Hoover the floor thoroughly to make sure there is no dirt, gravel or any other type of object on the floor that could scratch the floor.
NEVER use a brush, broom or any similar product to remove this kind of dirt as it could scratch the floor and do permanent damage.
Purchase a good flat mop, with a microfibre attachment. Compliment that with a specific cleaning product that designed for wooden flooring. There are many products on the market today, including products by Bona, or contact us today and we can provide you with a competitively priced version we use.
Polish and clean the floor using your microfibre flat mop, replenishing the polish regularly to give you the best polished result, and also regularly replacing the microfibre attachment when it becomes loaded with dirt and grime.
Correct Tools for Cleaning Wooden FloorsThe Floor should look well polished, and the process should be repeated every couple of days to maintain the best results, and keep the floor looking at its optimum level.

This procedure can also be used on laminate flooring, or any other type of wooden flooring that is available on the market.

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