Window Cleaning

Professional Window Cleaning at a competitive price

Our window cleaners have 22 years of experience in the window cleaning industry. They are experts in commercial and domestic window cleaning and have been for many years, utilising all the leading technologies available and maintaining an impeccable health and safety record.

They will wash and clean anything from a small shop front to a towering office block – with the insurance permitting them to clean at any height safely. You will be provided with a full Risk Assessment and method statement with your quotation before any job is undertaken to ensure a perfect finish and ensuring all health and safety guidelines are adhered to.
All of our staff are fully trained, and have completely up to date health and safety certificates and accreditations. Our team are always fully uniformed and will always carry out their jobs in a professional, diligent and timely manner.

A Cleaner Company Limited boasts competitive prices along with a wealth of experience.

Traditional Window Cleaning with Ladders also Reach and Wash

A Cleaner Company use all methods of window cleaning, the choice depends on the height of the building, the accessibility of the windows or atriums and the specific needs of you the client.

Traditional with Ladders

Traditional with ladders is perfect for small shop front and local businesses. It is a cost effective and great way to keep your shop front gleaming. Traditional window can only be carried out to a height of 20 feet due to Health and Safety regulations.

Reach and Wash

Reach and wash is for buildings which are between 20 and 60 feet in height. It is an ideal way of cleaning as it requires no ladders or scaffolding. We only use purified water which our window cleaners purify themselves which leaves your windows and glass completely smear free. It is a ‘ladder less’ cleaning system, and requires full signage which will be put out to ensure health and safety regulations are followed. Our team bring their own 700 litre tank and power supply, so we will not be using our client’s electricity or water making this a cost effective and hassle free service for a busy business.

Specialist Window Cleaning services Window Cleaning with Cradles

Cradles are utilised on large buildings, all of our staff are fully trained in Cradle usage, but we always insist that they are to be site specific cradle trained, as health and safety is always a priority on any job we undertake.

Our fully qualified window cleaners are well versed on both one and two man cradles, and have an in depth knowledge of their workings. They also have the benefit of making sure all equipment used in the cradle is attached to the cleaner with a lanyard, making sure nothing can fall out of the cradle and ensuring the job is safely carried out.

Access Platforms, MEWPs & Scaffold Window Cleaning

Sometimes when speed is not the essence but attention to detail on a large scale is – then you will most probably require a mobile access platform to get your windows and atriums cleaned to the highest standard.

The most widely used form of this is the use of cherry pickers to reach those high and hard to reach areas where scaffolding is not an option. We would normally advise this method if you have a building from 18 metres to 64 metres.

All our employees are fully IPAF certified and all our equipment is tested every six months to make sure it is always in good working order and always safe to use.

MEWPS or ‘Genies’ as they are commonly referred to, are ideal for large jobs and are extremely cost effective for a long job that will take a while to complete. We also utilise Spider Lifts, which are ideal for cleaning atriums, domes and hard to reach glass roofs. These lifts are extremely flexible and lend themselves to those hard to reach jobs.

We can also erect scaffolding if ladders are disallowed on site and powered access is not an option. We can work up to 40 feet with just scaffolding and all our commercial window cleaners carry full PASMA qualifications.

Our professional team are insured for unlimited height, and any external hired in equipment is always insured and is always of the highest standard.

Abseiling & Rope Work Window Cleaning

All our members of staff are trained to the highest of standards and all have passed their Level 2 IRATA training and certification. We can bring our own mobile anchor points which consist of a dead weight or a sturdy industry standard A-Frame to anchor from. This is especially useful where windows cannot be opened due to air conditioning or there are no eye bolts.

The equipment in regularly and rigorously tested to ensure nothing is compromised and always up to full health and safety standards. Our team is fully trained in the use of the equipment and it is always a 2 man team to ensure safety.

We are insured to carry out this procedure from any height making this the perfect solution when there is no other option available to your company.

A Cleaner Company Ltd can clean all of your fascia and soffits from ground level using our water fed pole system.

Our de-ironised water will remove all green algae, moss and surface dirt from the outside of your  fascia boards and soffits. Our pole mounted brushes will reach all those hard to reach areas i.e. above a conservatory from ground level with ease.

We also provide a gutter clearing service. This is a job that all property owners hate, however it is a necessity when keeping up the exterior of your building…… if gutters remain full it can cause serious and expensive long term damage to your property including rising damp and other associated structural problems.


We can help to reduce the problems blocked guttering can cause using our special gutter vac system.  We will also take all debris cleared from your gutters away with us leaving your property clean and dirt and debris free.